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Retractable Awnings

These awnings instantly add outdoor living space to any area. Go with Electric awnings that extends and retract by remote, or get an awning that automatically extends on sunny days and retracts when it gets cloudy out. All electric awnings come with free high wind auto-retract.

Sun Shades

Solar shades are an incredible way to block sunlight and reduce cooling costs in the summer. Use them on south-facing windows, and use the auto-extension feature to automatically lower your cooling costs. Also an excellent choice for adding privacy and sunshade to a porch.

Stand Alone Shade

This awning is the next  evolution from the porch umbrella. It is designed to be used as a stand-alone awning where there isn’t an existing structure to attach it to. This awning is an excellent addition to pergolas or for creating a shady retreat in your garden.

Commercial Awnings

We install commercial and house awnings. These awnings can reduce glare and provide immediate accent to any house or place of business.

As your Aristocrat® awning and sunroom dealer, we are proud to bring the highest level of craftsmanship to the Springfield and Southwest Missouri area.

A Better Awning For Springfield

Like many in the construction trade, I got my start working on houses with my dad over the summer.  Over the past 18 years, I’ve seen it all.

And I’m consistently underwhelmed by the quality of workmanship that is being done around here.

It has not been uncommon for me to have to followup with the competition’s manufacturer to warranty items or get  items shipped out to a job that were built shoddily and broke during the installation process.

Aristocrat® Awnings have been a breath of fresh air to work with. As one of the longest-running outdoor product manufacturers in the county, they constantly improve their product to match their customer’s needs. The end result is a line of shade products that I can install with out a lot of retro-fitting.

Even better, these are designed to last.

Custom Awnings

One of the things I appreciate about Aristocrat products is that they let me provide my customers with a truly custom option. When I come to your place, one of the first things I do is take the measurements and discuss what your vision for the awning is.

Each awning is custom cut to match your available space, and the end result is an added living space that truly adds value to your house.

This is something your DIY “awning in a box” can’t provide and means that this addition can raise your home’s value – not lower it.

It is critical that this home addition is something you take pride in. That’s why we offer hundreds of UV-resistant canvases to choose from. From classic to modern, we’ll have that design that complements your house and makes the neighbors go “wow”.

Manual And Auto Retraction

Retractable awnings give you more flexibility for your deck space. Perhaps you want to enjoy the stars, and not fight with an awning. Or perhaps zoning restrictions are too difficult to get a roof added to your porch. You can now have many of the same conveniences of a porch room for a fraction of the cost.

Automatic options are now offering a new level of luxury to our installations. While we will continue to offer the manual awnings, we are finding that many of our clients appreciate being able to extend their outdoor space with a push of a button.

Additionally, all of our automatic sun shade products come with a wind sensor that retracts the unit if wind speeds get too high. This self-defense feature protects your investment and gives you that peace of mind on days when Missouri’s weather is being fickle.

To take it step further, all of our automatic installationss have an optional solar-switch upgrade that extends the awning on sunny days and retracts it at night. With this feature, your awning becomes as useful as any other porch.

We keep certified electricians on staff to ensure every install is compliant and only of the best quality.

A Warranty I Can Put My Name On

Home improvements are not cheap. And I wanted to make sure that the product I sold not only carried a solid Warranty — it was easy to use.

You’ve probably seen advertisements for our competition on late-night TV. Our competition also offers an impressive-sounding warranty.

But what they — and so many others like them — don’t tell you is that their warranty is pro rated. So each day that your awning is installed, you have less warranty.

I was adamant about not only reading the fine print, but talking to the warranty department about where most of their claims arise. That’s why we include a free, wind-sensitive auto-retraction device on all electric retractable awnings. This device normally costs you extra. But we include on all electronic installs.

Our warranties are some of the most extensive in the industry. They include a  Lifetime Warranty on frame components, a 12-year limited warranty on Craft-bilt collection of fabrics, and a 5 year limited warranty on all motors and gears.

It’s just one way that we help ensure that this is an awning your grandchildren will be proud of.

Competitive Pricing

With all of these features and higher quality, you probably have already written us off as one of the most expensive. But we cut costs in other ways. For example, we don’t have a huge showroom. We aren’t going to be the cheapest. (If you want that, you probably should hop on to one of those do it yourself websites.) But we will be cheaper than most of our competition in town and the awning — and installation —  you get will be of arguably better quality (in my estimation).

If you are ready to take your house to the next level, give us a call for a free quote. 

Professional Awning and Sunshade  Installation For Springfield, Branson, Fair Grove, Bolivar, Willard, Republic, Nixa, Ozark, Strafford and the Lake Of The Ozarks Areas

Not sure if we service your area? Give us a phone call for a free estimate. But if you are in the 417 area code, there is a good chance we can get to you.

Zip codes we provide awning installations to (Depending on seasonality)

65648, 65725, 65757, 65803, 65644, 65617, 65781, 65801, 65805, 65808, 65814, 65817, 65890, 65898, 65899, 65765, 65802, 65897, 65806, 65710, 65809, 65622, 65706, 65804, 65807, 65742, 65663, 65590, 65770, 65810, 65645, 65613, 65632, 65619, 65601, 65685, 65636, 65604, 65713, 65652, 65783, 65612, 65738, 65722, 65727, 65714, 65746, 65664, 65620, 65721, 65631, 65753, 65610, 65640, 65646, 65649, 65650, 65767, 65635, 65764, 65724, 65669, 65674, 65662, 65705, 65728, 65675, 65667, 65720, 65668, 65704, 65661, 65536, 65629, 65752, 65754, 65707, 65630, 65633, 65774, 65732, 65463, 65712, 65657, 65603, 65779, 65785, 65682, 65771, 65786, 65702, 65634, 64738, 65605, 65607, 65470, 65759, 65608, 65735, 65653, 65656, 64848, 65787, 65740, 65756, 65654, 65717, 65543, 65769, 65614, 65624, 65567, 65737, 65660, 64756, 65020, 65616, 65711, 65731, 65755, 65615, 65534, 65680, 65324, 65556, 65673, 64748, 65726, 65591, 65708, 64781, 65326, 65686, 64862, 64833, 65638, 65715, 65052, 65484, 65762, 64766, 64744, 65679, 65744, 65552, 64859, 65583, 65672, 64776, 65734, 65627, 65773, 65065, 65355, 65079, 65741, 65681, 65747, 65611, 65761, 64873, 64763, 65557, 65038, 65739, 65625, 65723, 65623, 65768, 65733, 64759, 65570, 65444, 64784, 65618, 65473, 65017, 64755, 64836, 65037, 65049, 64874, 65689, 65658, 72660, 64866, 65584, 65676, 65047, 64750, 65083, 65641, 72630, 64767, 65072, 64740, 65647, 64842, 65483, 72662, 65564, 65784, 65457, 64840, 65729, 64844, 72644, 72668, 65461, 64790, 65637, 64783, 65486, 65078, 65542, 64830, 64724, 64857


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