Bathroom Renovation

picture of custom bathroom renovation with soaking tub and custom tile work

Easy Bathroom Remodeling Springfield Missouri

We’re here to create a bathroom that makes you go “wow.

We specialize in beautiful bathroom remodeling. We are attentive to your style and request and help you design your dream bathroom.  We’ll come to your home for a free consultation where we can help you choose your layout and provide ideas of the latest innovations that you might want to incorporate into your design.

We’re not one of these multi-national companies who is out to make a quick buck before we move on to the next “McBathroom.” We’re here to help you create that one-of-a-kind place to recharge and reset after a long day.

Our experience and local connections means that we can offer the best pricing and higher-quality materials than most of our competitors. If you haven’t given us a call, then there is a good chance you are over-paying. See: “Cost For Bathroom Remodel

We’re not here to push you into a decision. Give us a call, and we’ll get you the numbers you need to decide if a bathroom renovation is right for you.

Your Bathroom Specialists

Our crew consists of local hires who have years of experience in construction. We use them on our own spec-home, home remodeling and custom home building  construction projects, and train them to our high standards.

This means that you can enjoy a smooth, easy, bathroom remodel. We will do everything in our power to create a pain-free experience. Our crew works cleanly, uses dropcloths and helps you protect the rest of your house.

We can help with tear out and replacement of the bathtub, sink, and vanities. Tile demolition and replacement is a normal part of many of these makeover jobs.

Often we are asked to handle a small portion of the remodel. Perhaps a more mobility-friendly walk-in tub needs to be installed or a toilet needs to be replaced. We’re happy to help with large and small repairs and renovations.

One of the biggest concerns with a bathroom is installing the required vapor barriers and ventilation. Too often, contractors like to use non-compliant materials (such as plywood instead of the properly rated concrete board) in order to pad their profits.

All of our work is done to the proper standards and are designed to last.

Mobility Bathroom Renovation Springfield MO

One of the most common jobs we do is to make the bathroom more accessible.

An accessible bathroom is highly empowering. It often means that your loved one can stay in their comfortable, familiar, environment instead of being forced to live in a sterile, unfamiliar assisted living facility.

There are many upgrades that can be offered. To make a bathroom more accessible, we can widen the doors, reposition the layout, add grab bars, foot pedestals, seating and more. This allows for graceful aging-in-place and can add value to your home.

Walk-in tubs are in high demand, and their low barrier to entry makes them extremely easy to use. This can provide the luxury of bathing for people who may have been restricted to showering for years.

Restoring dignity and privacy are one of the best benefits of the work we do, and we are excited to help you on your project.

How Much Do Bathroom Remodels Cost?

If you are just replacing the toilet, well that is going to be fairly inexpensive. But if you are doing a complete remodel, you need to be prepared to handle the known costs, as well as surprised that can occur when we tear into a wall and find leaks and mildew.

The cheapest remodel will run at least $2500-$3500 for a small bathroom with the simplest materials.

From there, the price increases with the size of the space and the level of luxury that you wish to go with. Master bathrooms commonly cost $8,000-$15,000 to remodel, especially if we are adding luxuries such as multiple shower heads, steam showers and granite vanities.

We’re often called in by property owners to replace bathrooms in their rental units. In these situations, we can normally get pretty creative and save even more money. However, most renters will only be in the home for a couple of years, and that is a different scenario that a homeowner where their home is an investment.

Contact us for a free consultation and quote.

Bathtub Replacement

We work with your layout to offer a replacement that will fit perfectly into your existing layout. This gives you the latest in bathroom comfort and design without investing in a complete overhaul. If you have something your are in love with us, let us know! We can work with almost any supplier to guarantee that we get you the style, color and look that is best for your home.

Shower Replacement

Your shower is the workhorse of your bathroom. Let us know what features you are looking for  (or ask us for ideas!), and we’ll provide you with a shower that can fit your current footprint but provide those features that you have been missing. You work hard, and you deserve a shower that you look forward to using.

Walk-in Tubs

These handy bathtubs provide the ultimate in dignity and relaxation for those planning to age gracefully at home. Upgrade now, before you need it, and enjoy the deep soaking experience that only a walk-in tub can provide.

Bath Conversions

Are you tired of a “blah” bathroom? Do you want to see how much luxury we can squeeze in on a minimal budget? Let us know what your needs and budget are, and we’ll put together a plan to create that luxurious bathroom getaway you’ve been craving at a price you can afford.  We want to slash prices any way we can without sacrificing quality.

Design Your Dream Bath

Many of our competitors offer “one-day remodels” with cheap plastic walls and glue-in caddies.

Most of the work we do will be higher quality and is going to take longer than a day to install.

The advantage? After years of Springfield’s hard water and soap scum, our bathrooms will still add value to your home.

Call for a free quote.