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Many of our top returning clients were homeowners just like you– afraid to pay for a professional Strafford Missouri full service handyman. Taking a DIY approach to fixing things in your home may seem like a good idea at first, but the headaches, mistakes, and costs associated can make for one big disaster. Fortunately, our company strives to deliver the best customer service in the Strafford region, and we offer a well-rounded service that includes solutions to common household ailments such as:
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Today, we would like to discuss why you should become one of our many satisfied customers and choose our company to work with you on drywall repair.
How To Spot A Drywall Problem
How do you know that your drywall can benefit from our repair services? For the most part, small nail sized holes in the wall can be quickly repaired in your home with a small amount of joint compound. However, there are numerous other problems that can occur with your drywall such as severe cracking, dents, large patches of missing gypsum board, and water damage. Of these problems, water damage is the most important to fix as it can inhibit mold growth and lead to toxicity in your home.
Why You Need Us To Help You
At first, the concept of repairing your own drywall may seem like fun, but let us assure you that it requires expert patience, knowledge, and the right tools. Repairing drywall can take several days, depending on the severity of the problem. If sections of your drywall will need to be replaced completely, it can take days to fill in the missing pieces. Additionally, after the joint compound has been spread, it will need at least a day to dry before being sanded, primed, and painted.
To ensure the job is done correctly, we only send out experts that have years of experience. All of our handymen use the right technique and employ the use of necessary tools such as drywall plastic, backing board, wire repair mesh, joint compound, putty and utility knives, wood screws, sandpaper, and drywall tape.
In order to ensure a professionally finished drywall job, it’s best to leave it to our experts. A poorly done job can mar the appearance of your home, but our experts will diagnose and repair the problem quickly and efficiently. You will be well taken care of and your home will be treated like our own!

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